Hi-Sec: Derelik Campaign

March 2021 saw Reikoku declare war on 17 corporations and alliances within the Derelik region, initially with the intention of stealing peoples cores, and other assorted stuff.

Week 1 set a lofty target of 17 Raitaru/Athanors and a scattering of Astrahus for demolition. And so, in 5 hours, we giddily reinforced all of them. This created a unique set of challenges, everything exited more or less at the same time and we found ourselves splitting fleets to get it all over with, in hindsight, this is not an advisable strategy.

Listening to elevator music while we reinforced each station with little resistance, an idea formed inside my head – Lets ransom some of these corps for their structures? And quickly 3 corps were sent an “Invoice” and all 3 agreed to pay! On day 2, Reikoku received 12bn ISK to not destroy their structures. Mazin’.

We sent a few more, but they decided to contest the armor timers, and were quickly dispatched.

11 Structures remained with 2 hull timers starting Thursday evening, Friday evening saw us destroy and claim the cores of a further 9 structures.

Saturday left us with a final Sotiyo hull timer, belonging to Hollowpoint Holdings, this too died. https://zkillboard.com/kill/91427824/

All said and done, the corp walked away with 21bn in cores, and fittings.

With this isk, we gifted all corp members who assisted over the week with a Leshak battleship, and plan to leverage the remaining pot for yet another elevator structure bashing idea, of which more detail will follow in future blogs as it manifests itself into something quite beautiful 🙂

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